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Winning More Business

If you’re not familiar with Givewith, we’re a SaaS company that delivers a unique sales differentiator to help you win more business, shorten sales cycles and deepen customer relationships, thereby leading to more business. It’s easily done by embedding Social Impact in your proposals as an incentive to do business with you. You spend budget to acquire new business in the form of sales incentives. Repurpose a percentage of those dollars to make your proposals more competitive and help people, and planet at the same time.


Givewith for Sales

Givewith for Sales is a cloud software product for those who want to easily embed Social Impact into their deals. Givewith allows you to choose from curated Social Impact issues that help with Corporate Social Responsibility goals. You just decide the incentive amount you want to give and which curated impact area it should go to. You don’t have to find the best social impact organizations on your own and then decide if they can deliver the impact you’re looking for. We’ve done all that for you.

Win More Deals, Do More Good

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